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Man has always been fascinated by the stars and the sky—
the morning and the evening star, the ceaseless walk of the stars in their planes, the timeless and unending glory of it all, the wonder, and the magic—
                We walk upon the prosaic earth and look up in awe at the vast expanse of sky
                                        and the glory of the stars wheeling overhead,

             and feel a touch of God-like mystery spilling out on us from the shimmering lights above.


                                                   And so we seek to touch the stars.
And so we seek to touch the stars

Written November 2013, with a little revision February 2016

Inspired by looking at the evening star shining brilliantly in the sky while the west blended gold-edged dark blue.  The sky felt very high and wide and wondrous, and I felt uplifted by a glory I didn’t understand.

By “God-like mystery” I meant a mystery like God is mysterious; a mystery imbued with that same sense of awed wonder and unspeakableness that is one of God’s attributes.  I believe that the stars are His works, and so in a small way they are partakers of that characteristic, and that’s why we want to get to know more about them.

“I dream not,” and yet—
her image smiles before him
through his waking nights
I care not, he says
but she
laughing gold, smiles in his dreams

October 2015

A Ulquihime inspired… thing (I was going for a haiku pattern, but forgot what the syllable pattern was)
But it also applies to any relationship where the man is hiding or suppressing (whether consciously or unconsciously) his feelings.  :)

Some days it is weak
Others, fair and strong
But in all things: hope endures
August 2015

I was trying to write a haiku, but I forgot to look up the correct number of syllables beforehand.  -.-;;;
So instead it's just a little something to maybe brighten someone's day.
And maybe later I'll try to write an actual haiku.  ^0^;

(9th, night) A smoky black-grey sky.  Pale scraps of cloud float across it and hang in the empty air as if buoyed up by the sky around it, while bright white flickering spots of light gleam through the gray.
Where the lights of the city are gathered bright beneath it, the sky becomes hazy silvergray.
Soft heaps of gray are scattered here and there, small bits that are almost unseen against the soft sky.

(15th, day) It is snowing: thick white flakes that fall almost silently, heavily from the sky; wet, clean, icy feathers that make the world and sky and everything white.
In a world of feathers and silent sound, the hush of the settling snow falls on the ear, covering and filling them like the snow blankets the earth.
When it snows, or has snowed, the sky is white. Snow hangs on bare branches like crystallized sugar and icing, and everything against sky's opaqueness is clear cut and simple: black and white and sharp.
I was tagged near New Year's, so I'm kinda late with this...  ^^;  It's my first time to be tagged, so I'm really flattered and touched!  Thank you, Lady Miimi!!  Hug 
I was tagged by :iconladymiimi:  ^v^

*Rules *

1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made up, then make up your own 10 questions for the people you tagged to answer.
3. Choose ten people and put their icons on this journal.
4. Nothing like 'you are tagged read this'.
5. Everyone that has been TAGGED must make a journal entry. 

The Questions
1. How did you know Deviantart?
I actually don't really remember!  I think I was was looking up Ichihime fanart and found one by NEKO-2006.  (If you're an Ichihime lover, definitely check out her work!  She has a gorgeous art style, and her pieces have great variety to them!!)  I kept coming back to her to check if she had new art posted, so after a while, I decided to go ahead and join.  :D

2. What's your OTP from all times?
Haha, if you can't tell from my answer to question #1, my OTP is now and forever Ichihime (from Bleach), or Ichiori, as it is know in Japan.  I love it so much!!!  ☆*・゜゚・*o(≧▽≦)o*・゜゚・*☆  will not start a rant here

3. Favourite genre of music?
Ohhh, that's a hard one!  *thinking*  Hmmm...I guess traditional pop.  But to be entirely honest, I choose my music by how much I like the song, so the music I like is widely varied.  ^v^

 4. The anime/manga with more gore you've seen? 
I think probably it'd be Psyren.  It was pretty violent.  ^^;  I don't really watch/read anime or manga that's heavily graphic, so it's been mostly stuff like Naruto or Bleach, or FMA.  (And somehow those don't seem that "gory" to me, though my brother says that FMA is actually pretty graphic.)

5. What are your New Year's resolutions?
-To have a plan for each week (cuz if I don't plan, I get nothing done!)
-To say 'hi' to whoever I pass in the hall, and if I know them, to say 'hi, insert their name here' (I was thinking specifically about my church, which is entirely composed of single 18-30 year olds—I'm trying to be more friendly and open to people)
-Accomplish 1 thing on my list of 'things to do', not to include my requirements for the day (ie, chores, personal music practice or group rehearsal, or family unit)

6. What did you think about the end of Naruto?
Oooh, good question!!  *laugh*  I was really, really glad that Sasuke finally came to the light—he'd gone through so much and had such a hard time trying to figure things out that I just wanted him to see how much he's loved and needed by his friends and teammates in Konoha.  So I was really happy that he was able to smile (and cry) again.  I also liked how chapter 699 ended on a kind of "open note": where things weren't completely tied together but there were enough hints of what might happen to let it go at that.  So I really loved 699.  It was touching, and wrapped up the story enough for me to be happy with it.  Chapter 700 was kind of a disappointment for me.  I feel like it pulled things out too long, and tried to tie too many strings together.  It was nice to see all the Rookie 9 grown up, but it also took out a little of the fun of imagining the world of Naruto continuing into the future.  I mean, I think part of the fun was seeing them grow up and evolve and start shaping the world on their own.  But 700 showed them in a rather settled state, and it seemed like nothing had really changed.  So I would have really appreciated it if we could've had some "open-endedness".  
I also kind of wish that Sasuke and Karin could've ended up together instead.  I just liked them together better.  But I do really like Hinata and Naruto together because I like Hinata, so poor Sakura would've ended up alone.  I think she would've done well with Lee, though, so maybe it'd still work out.  *^

Overall, I would have liked it better if Naruto had ended in a more "interpretative" manner.  ^v^

Wow, that was really long!  Sorry about that...  ^v^;;

7. Are you trying any new art style?
Well, I don't draw, so not really...  *laughs*  But I do occasionally try out a new writing style, just to mix things up!  It's not a consistent thing, though.   ^v^

8. What's your first language?
English!!  Heart 

9. Have you ever made cosplay? (If so,post an image<3 or don't, I don't really      careXD)
No, I haven't!  I really want to, though...  X<

10. Have you ever tried an otome game?

Never!  I don't really play computer games, so it never really occurred to me, I guess.  ^▽^  I have seen art of some of the games and been intrigued by the very good looks of some of the characters, though...  (@^▽^@)

And there you go!  I hope that answers your questions!  (That was fun!  ^▽^)  Now here are my questions to the people I'm tagging...  (^▽^)

Questions for those I tag:
1. What's your favorite sport? (To play or to observe)
2. Which country would you want to live in for a month?
3. Who's an artist you'd like to meet?
4. What's a book you'd want to see adapted into a movie or TV show?
5. What's your biggest creative dream?
6. What's an artistic form you'd like to try someday? (For example: you're a painter but want to try cosplay, or you're a writer and you want to try pottery)
7. What's an artistic pet peeve of yours?
8. What's something that always inspires you? (It can be anything; abstract or concrete, real or imagined; anything!  ^v^)
9. What inspired your best creation to date?
10. How do you feel about eating while you create?  :D

And I tag :iconjylener22:, :icontheresahelmer:, :iconanathelaren:, :iconsideburn004:, :iconnorita-chan:, :iconmisafullmetal:, :iconmeago:, :iconmabymin:, :iconnamko-ichi:, and :iconiya-chen:.  (^▽^)  Of course, if you don't want to participate, you don't have to!  But if you do, thank you!!!  **(≧▽≦)**  

I hope you guys all have a wonderful day!  :D

~Myko* でした!  (^▽^)


myanko92's Profile Picture
United States
I'm the oldest of four children, and my mom is Japanese! I'm a member of the music group known as "Harmony". Check us out on Youtube! I handle the Marketing and Public Relations for the group.…

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (or "Mormon")! It brings me great peace, comfort, and happiness!

My heroes are Jesus Christ and my mom.

I love writing and being with my family, and this beautiful world that we live in!!

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